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Wyoming Untrapped Awarded Competitive Grant
from Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

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**Summit High School is a participant in the Beaver Awareness Project

Wyoming Untrapped is delighted to announce that the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole has awarded a $10,000 grant in support of our new Beaver Awareness and Restoration Project. The project, already underway, will address human and beaver conflicts by relocating beavers to areas in need of restoration in the Bridger-Teton National Forest.  Several partners have joined this community project including: Bridger-Teton National ForestNorthern Rockies Conservation Cooperative and Northern Rockies Trumpeter Swan StewardsJackson Hole High SchoolSummit High SchoolTeton Science Schools, and AmeriCorps.  

Our goal is to educate the public about coexisting with beavers as well as their benefits to any ecosystem.  Over 80% of all Wyoming wildlife species use wetlands. Beavers construct new, and enhance already existing, wetlands.  Beavers were nearly trapped to extinction in Northwest Wyoming and are struggling to rebound due to pressure from continued trapping, conflicts with landowners, and habitat degradation.  The Beaver Awareness and Restoration Project will include an educational component in which area students will work alongside Bridger-Teton National Forest hydrologists, wildlife biologists and land managers to learn about forest management, ecology, wildlife-human conflict, environmental science, and appreciation for beavers.

No other Wyoming organization is advocating for the small, but mighty, beaver which brings numerous beneficial components to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  WU believes that beavers, and all wildlife, should be valued for their contribution to our wild world!

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Drew Reed uses his expert knowledge and skills to safely capture and relocate beavers to suitable habitat areas in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. A textbook beaver dam brings new wetlands.
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Beaver Dam Analogs (BDAs) similar to this one will be installed in several places in the Bridger-Teton National Forest.  BDAs allow relocated beavers to be more successful by providing a starter dam to help raise the level of water so they can hide from predators.

Occasionally, beavers clog up culverts and other man-made structures to slow the flow of water and create a pond.  Homes or roads may be flooded.  Beavers will be taken from situations where they are in conflict with people and moved to areas of the forest where they can live freely.

The following excerpts...  are from Jackson Hole High School students who attended a field day to Taggart Lake in Grand Teton National Park where Wyoming Untrapped was invited to teach about beavers. Students were asked to write a 3-4 sentence reflection on the field trip

"My favorite part of the day was when that lady talked about beavers and we got to learn about them and touch an actual skull, it was really cool."

"My favorite part of the day was arriving at Taggart lake and the beaver talk. This is because we were able to finally make it and I learned things about beavers I would have never guessed."

"An adaption that I learned about is that the tails of the beaver are an adaption. That they also store fat and allows them to stay warmer."  

"Beavers' fur is almost completely water resistant. They have adapted to this trait over thousands of years of being in water to build their homes."

"I have never been to Taggart Lake before but I have been to Grand Teton.  My favorite part of the day was when we learned some adaptations of beavers like how they have oil. An adaptation is a trait that an organism develops during evolution. An example is how beavers have hard enamel on the front of their teeth that has iron in it."

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Thank you to the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole 
for supporting this opportunity for our local community
and our wild neighbors!

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