SHS Mission & Beliefs

Why Consider Summit Alternative High School...

Strive for the PEAK @ Summit High School! 
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Summit High School values individual differences and diversity and does not seek to enroll any specific type of student. Those individuals who may benefit most from the Summit High School educational experience are:

  • Students who learn best in small classroom settings, including small group and one-to-one instructional support, where the majority of learning/practice happens within the classroom with little-to-no outside homework.
  • Hands-on learners.
  • Students who learn best within a family and/or community environment.
  • Students who learn best with heightened levels of accountability and structure, especially related to behavior and/or attendance.
  • Students seeking enrollment in a two-year community college, a small four-year university and/or a trade-technical school after graduation.

Summit High School students may concurrently enroll in Jackson Hole High School classes required for graduation and/or not offered at SHS.