Substitute Teachers and Support Staff

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Substitute Teacher Professional Development 

Becoming a TCSD #1 Substitute Teacher or Support Staff

Teton County School District is a wonderful place to work.  Surrounded by the Tetons, our community offers a wealth of opportunities to foster collaborative relationships among educators, students, parents and community members.  

The work of both the substitute teacher and substitute support staff are invaluable in helping us achive our goals, insuring that the routine of the classroom and the school continue to function as seamlessly as if the regular staff were there. 

We have two substitute options for you to consider.  


TCSD #1 uses substitutes to fill in when secretaries and paraprofessionals are absent. The pay for non-certified substitutes is $14.98 an hour. Please stop by the district office to fill out paperwork, complete fingerprinting and begin substituting.


To become a certified substitute to fill in when teachers are absent, please go to the PTSB website to start the application process. A requirement of certrification is to successfully complete the U.S. and Wyoming Constitution test.  Please contact Brianne Huggins to make an appointment to take the test.  

The pay for certified substitutes is $80.00 for a half day and $160.00 for a full day. You will need to complete two fingerprint cards for PTSB and two for the district. You can get all four done at the same time. Once you have become certified, please stop by the district office to fill out paperwork and begin substituting.

In order to be "cleared" for subbing in Teton County Schools, all substitutes are required to participate in a comprehensive Substitute Teacher Induction Program. TCSD #1's induction program has two components:  Substitute Orientation (1.5 hours) and a Tour of Schools (2 half-day sessions). Most of our substitute candidates participate in the Substitute Teacher Induction Program while they wait for Wyoming PTSB to approve their applications (4-6 weeks for permit delivery).

Thank you for your interest in becoming a substitute teacher with TCSD #1.  We appreciate the hard work, dedication and professionalism of our substitutes.  We hope the information below will help substitutes become familiar with our schools and our district.


Meet the Substitute Coordinator

Brianne Huggins
District Cell: 307.413.5579
Office:  307.733.2704

Substitute Pay 

Non Certified:
The hourly rate = $14.98. 

Short term rates:
Half day (8:00am- 12:00 noon) plus lunch = $80 
Full day (8:00am-4:00pm) = $160 

Long term rate is $250.00 per day (8am-4pm)

Frontline Education Absence Manager (Previously AESOP)