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Data & Assessment

Informational links for school staff on assessment and data programs currently in use at TCSD.

Click here for overview of assessments (NWEA, MAP, PAWS, ACT).  This sheet has live links to trainings, WDE information, Sample questions, Parent Resources and more.  PAWS Item Review for 3-8.  This is a list of vocabulary and concepts that a  team of teachers pulled from review items needing deeper instruction for the SY 16-17

Click here for an overview of the 2016-17 assessment calendar.


Early Literacy Resources

TCSD Early Literacy Plan (K-5)

Early LIteracy Skills and Indicators

5 Essential Components of Reading (from

DIBELS Recommended Screening Measures



New User Registration

Introductory Training Tips

Enter Progress Monitoring Data / Enter Group Progress Monitor

Custom Class Lists and Entering Interventions

Sharing lists with list manager

JES Cheat Sheet for Progress Monitoring Data

F&P, OPI Data Entry Video Instructions (3 minutes)

Create an ELP plan Video (2 minutes)

Intervention Success Criteria 

Creating a behavior Incident- 5 minute video ( you may need to sign in to see this video.

Flowchart for Progress Monitoring, Interventions, and Plans

Closing out EL plans

Closing out MTSS plans

End of the year administrators



Proctor Help Center   - Proctor Quick Start Guide - One page Student Introduction

RIT Reference Charts - Exemplars and Vocabulary by RIT band

Report Training Videos - TeacherAdmin / Report Quick Reference Guide

2015-2016 MAP / PAWS correlations by grade level

MAP Technology Instructions

Product Status Page Link - If site is not working or slow, please click to see 

Parent Tool Kit - English, Spanish


Naiku ( K-5 Assessment Platform)

TCSD PLC First Time Set up and assigning assessments

Naiku FAQs

Report Card Summary by Domain 

Naiku Full User Guide

Naiku step by step instructions for Transfer

Transferring Naiku Grades to PowerTeacher Pro video



Grade Level Instructional Expectations

Determining Instructional Levels

Progress Monitoring by Instructional Text Reading Level (10 month)

F&P Data Entry Instruction in Mileposts (4 minutes)


WIDA EL Instructional Resources

Notes on 2017 Score change for teachers

WIDA Go-To Strategies

WIDA Can Do:  Kinder,  Grade 1Grades 2-3Grades 4-5Grades 6-8Grades 9-12

WIDA Can Do Name Charts


PowerSchool Notes for Teachers, Building Admin, and Registrars

Setting up PowerTeacher Pro

TCSD Creating Assignments

Using PowerTeacher Pro

Report Card (K-5)

Common Search Terms


Fastbridge Resources

Logging in for the first time

Video showing where to find the Benchmarks and Norms (1 min)

Fastbridge Training Slide Show with resources

aMath Score Interpretation Guide

aReading Score Interpretation Guide

CBM Reading Graph Expanation