Colter Elementary School Selected to Participate in NAEP

Dear Parent or Guardian of a Colter 4th Grader:


We are pleased to tell you that Colter Elementary School has been selected to represent schools across our state by contributing to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).  NAEP is given by the U.S. Department of Education and tells us what students nationwide know and can do in key subject areas. It is the only ongoing nationally representative assessment that provides this information.


NAEP has been given in schools nationwide for nearly 50 years.  The results are published in a report called The Nation's Report Card which provides reliable student achievement information to educators, parents and concerned citizens.


The NAEP assessment will be given in our school on February 11. Your child has been selected to take a reading or mathematics assessment.  In addition to subject area questions, NAEP also asks students about their daily routine and their educational experiences. As part of the 2019 National Indian Education Study, American Indian and Alaska Native students may receive additional questions tailored to their educational experiences and their opportunities to learn about their culture and traditions. All student responses and results are anonymous and confidential (in accordance with the Confidential Information Protection provisions of Title V, Subtitle A, Public Law 107-347 and other applicable federal laws).*


The assessment takes about 120 minutes for most students to complete NAEP, including transition time and directions. Your child’s grades will not be affected; he or she may be excused from participation for any reason, is not required to finish the assessment and may omit any test question(s). While NAEP is voluntary, we depend on student participation to collect information on student achievement that will inform improvements in education.  Your child’s test performance will represent many other students across Wyoming, so participation is very important.  However, if you do not want your child to participate, please notify me in writing by February 7.


There is no need to study in preparation for NAEP.  We do ask parents to encourage their children's best efforts and to have them get plenty of rest the night before the assessment.


If you would like to have additional information about NAEP please consider viewing the NAEP web site at or if you have specific concerns please contact me at 307-733-9651 or via email at


We are excited that our school will be participating in NAEP and appreciate your support.




Bo Miller, Colter Elementary Principal

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