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Posted by Buffy Allen on Thursday, Nov 14th, 2013.
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Posted by Buffy Allen on Thursday, Nov 14th, 2013.

Jordan and Eve: In Reading we just new reading logs for our new trimester.
Maximo: We have worked on goals.
Kristopher: We've been visualizing by trying to use our five senses.
Aidan: We are still reading the Witches.
Eve: In the story Molly Lou Melon she doesn't have any friends.


Gabby: We're working on voice, and today we were giving scores for who has voice, ideas, and organization in their writing.
Nicole: We're being the teachers in writing because we're giving scores for which ones have good voice, organization, and ideas.
Jordan: We're seeing if we agree with our classmates on the scores.


Bella: We are working on the perimeter and area of circles.
Nicole: We're going to have a test tomorrow on measuring, but the surprise is that we are also going to have one about money.
Kristopher: Some of us have gone on ODYSSEY.


Eve: In PE we played toilet tag.
Jace: Jace won Mr. O's PE CD.
Kristopher: We're doing Mr. O's gym pass where you can buy it at the school store, and when all the third graders that bought it can go into the gym and have some free time with Mr. O.
Jordan: In Computer we've been working on something called NetSmarts, and we're doing Router's Birthday Surprise.
Nicole: In PE we're working on fitness goals.
Eve: In Music we did practice for our songs. (Jordan) We worked on rhythm and melody.
Gabby: Our class sang the national anthem.
Jace: In art we did clay pots and glazing.
Eve: In Library we had the book fair. We learned a lot about where they were made and what they came from.

Science and Social Studies

Kristopher: We did our presentations for our planets.
Nicole: Mrs. Allen told us that in Library we are also going to do something about the solar system.
Gabby: We were learning about bats and whether they can be saved or not and how they can be saved.
Eve: We learned about our community in social studies.
Bella: We watched a Veteran's Day video.


Maximo: We've had two injuries this week (Jordan and Me).
Caden: Tomorrow we are going to see the play The Phantom Tollbooth.
Posted by Buffy Allen on Friday, Nov 1st, 2013.
Abe: In the Witches the little boy turned into a mouse.
Nicole: We've been doing Read Naturally. We're also doing something on Compass: Language Arts.
Kris: We're doing reading goals and setting. When we were practicing moods, we were the first class to find a mood for one of the examples!
Jordan: Some of us made reading goals. Some people have already met their reading goals. We've been talking about the setting creates moods. We've also been talking about how to keep our classroom library in shape, and how our librarians can help.

Nicole: We are going to have our publishing party on Tuesday.
Kris: We've been making covers for our publishing.
Jordan: We've been publishing and illustrating. We've been making sure it is our best work--the best we can do.
Gabby: People are figuring out really cool titles for their stories, not just boring ones. (Kris) Like Aidan's: I Survived Capture the Flag 2013. And I changed mine to "My Athletic Birthday".

Jace: We have been doing parallelograms and we're measuring shapes and measuring perimeter.
Abe: We're doing these shapes about straws. We made straws out of shapes.
Jordan: Mrs. Anderson has been talking to us about having a good conversation about math with kids.
Bella: Mrs. Anderson has been teaching us to add hundreds and thousands.
Kris: We've been doing differences.

Jordan: In Art we drew nine little boxes for different shapes, then we did patterns in them. Then we just painted them, but some of us didn't finish it.
Caden: To add on to Jordan's, we did nine or twelve. Most people just did nine.
Maximo: We talked about the Book Fair in Library.
Nicole: In Art me and Jordan had something on display, and in Music we got to hear Mrs. Burbank do beautiful and sad songs.
Gabby: In Computer we did Type to Learn 4, and during computer we had to have a fire drill.

Abe: At Halloween we had bean bag tossing and I was Abraham Lincoln, the Vampire Slayer. Litzy gave us candy.
Jace: For Halloween they had cool cards, Just Dance dancing, like the "Monster Mash". And we did Numbered chairs.
Jordan: During Halloween some of us went to Mrs. Allen's house to trick or treat, and I was a skeleton for Halloween. On Monday we are doing Solar System presentations.
Gabby: In Halloween my feet turned red in the snow.
Nicole: I got to bring everyone some cookies that were homemade, and everyone liked them.
Posted by Buffy Allen on Friday, Oct 25th, 2013.
Amelia Terrapin, from the wonderful pARTners program, came in to teach our students about the solar system. They used movement to learn and show various concepts. These performances were the culmination of our project. The kids were asked to come up with movements (without sound!) for the following words: gravity, rotate, revolve, self shadow, and cast shadow. Some of Mrs. Anderson's kids also did eclipse and 13 moons. We are excited that you can see their work here!

Posted by Buffy Allen on Friday, Oct 25th, 2013.
Our poor class had a lot of sick kiddos by the end of the day today, and a lot of kids were with other teachers, so we decided to have the kids who were with us share their favorite highlights from the week...

Maximo's Highlight of the Week: Battleship in P.E.

(Maximo): We played battleship in P.E. It was like a battleship where there are these maps that are ships and there is this little scooter with a life boat where you can go out and get ammo. (Kris): We get these bowling pins and put them in the corner of our map, and we have to get the balls and try to knock down the bowling pins. If you get knocked down, you have to join the "mother ship". (Caden): The mother ship is as big as our big carpet plus three little carpets. (Kris): The mother ship has cones, so you have to throw really hard at the cones.

Kris's Highlight of the Week: Math

(Kris): We did this test, and we started a new thing that we are learning: Measurement. But, we are only measuring with length. We're using our templates, which have a bunch of shapes in them (Nicole: like polygons). In math we got Mystery Motivator, which was extra recess for the class.

Abe's Highlight of the Week: Library

(Abe): I'm excited for Library because of the book fair! (Class: oooooohhhhh, yeah!). (Nicole): This unknown person is going to give us all $7. (Kris): We're going to write her letters and give her pictures and thank you notes. Every grade is going to help out with the book fair. We might just do signs because we are later in the day.

Nicole's Highlight of the Week: Writing

(Nicole): Publishing is my favorite thing to do because we get to have a party and read each other's stories. (Kris): We tried to do our best handwriting and we try to spell everything right, and we have to make sure that the paper is frontwards and not upside down. And, we have to do punctuation and capitalizing letters at the beginning of sentences and proper nouns. (Nicole): And make sure your sentences are not too long (hehe).

Caden's Highlight of the Week: Reader's Theatre

(Caden): We did a play called The Ugly Duckling. (Nicole): Everybody got their own ROLES! (Kris): P.S. ROLE is one of our vocabulary words!

We also want you to know....

In computers we got WALL OF FAME two times!
We have a small class on Friday when we did this blog.
In computer class we did Big Bang Board Games and Type to Learn 4 and NetSmarts.
Posted by Buffy Allen on Friday, Oct 18th, 2013.

Kris: We did a play to practice our vocabulary. We also glued our words into our notebooks.
Jace: We did a lay and say and then drew pictures and wrote the words
Nicole: We've been doing our Memos and character traits.
Jordan: We played a spelling game for Word Work. We had a game board, and if we spell our words right we get to roll the die. It's like Monopoly except you don't have money. Mrs. Anderson's class got a pizza party with Mrs. Allen for being so good during reading!
Abe: About the Witches...we wrote about the characters in our Metacognitive Memos.
Bella: We have been learning new vocabulary words. Ask us about these words!: vocabulary, assess, ignore, data, role


Bella: In writing we have been doing capitalization, punctuation, and spelling, and putting things in that we forgot to add so that it will make more sense.
Maximo: We read the book Punctuation Takes a Vacation.
Nicole: We got a special gift from Mrs. Allen. It is called Quick Words.
Jace: We are on editing, and next is publishing, and then we will be done.
Caden: To add to Jace's comment, we will be done with our Personal Narratives.

Gabby: We played a game called 100 to 0.
Aidan: We did ballpark estimates for addition and subtraction.
Jordan: Some of us have been on the computer doing Compass Learning.
Kris: We've been playing another thing called "Get 50" where you change.


Abe: In Art we made our clay stuff, and they are going to turn into hard, rocky stuff. In P.E. we got to throw balls at Mr. O.
Nicole: In P.E. we got to air guitar with Mr. O. All of us did it.
Jordan: In Music class we were playing drums. In Computer class we were on NetSmart, learning how to be safe on the internet.
Kris: In Music class we did a round where one group starts a sentence, then the other group starts. When the first group ends, the other group is still going.
Gabby: In Computers we learned these new games where you can learn chess and checkers. It's called Big Bang Board Games.


Maximo: We have seen a video of the planets.
Nicole: We've been making posters of our planets.
Gabby: We learned about the community.
Kris: We did our family trees, and we're turning it into a book. We also did a really hard maze with a partner to try to meet halfway.


Bella: The student leaders for our class are Jace and Gabby.
Jordan: We have been learning about the Solar System, and pARTners (Amelia) came and taught us about gravity and revolution. Also, THIRD GRADE ROCKS!!!!
Posted by Buffy Allen on Friday, Oct 11th, 2013.
Reading (by Aidan and Caden)

We are reading the book The Witches. We are making predictions in the book. We are starting to pay attention to characters and notice character traits. We also look for words we don't understand. For Word Work we are sorting words into their individual groups. We played a game where someone pulls a word out, then you have to spell the word. If you spell the word correctly then you get to roll the die and move that number of spaces. We also glued our sorts into our notebooks. We are learning new vocabulary. Our first two words were vocabulary and assess. Vocabulary means learning what words mean, and assess to test what someone knows.

Writing (by Bella and Abe)

We just finished revising our stories. We learned how to use a thesaurus to find more interesting words. We have started to edit our stories. We looked at our capitalization and learned to capitalize the first word in each sentence and all proper nouns.

Math (by Kris)

We did a part and total diagram. We did differences diagrams. We looked on a map and we looked at the the normal spring high and low temperatures and we started to figure out how many minutes there are until the next hour or half past. We worked on math boxes. We have been talking about thousand numbers in place value. To make the thousand numbers Mrs. Anderson put different random numbers on the board and she would say, "find the biggest number you can make with these four numbers." And then we would find the smallest.

Science and Social Studies (by Gabby and Jace)

In Science we learned about gravity. We learned about which planets are closest to the sun and which planets are the furthest. The ones that are closest to the sun move faster around the sun, and the ones that are farther away move slower. We did our dances, so check out our videos!
In Social Studies we have been learning about communities. This week we talked about how families are communities, and we made our family trees.

Specials and other Extras (by Maximo and Nicole)

In Art we are working with clay. In PE we did jumping jack tag. We got a special visitor (Amelia) to talk with us about the Solar System. We did locomotor in PE, and Jace got to do an air guitar session with Mr. O. In Music we got to use our rain sticks. Yesterday we got to have FunTober! It was just like Field Day except with only 7 stations.
Posted by Buffy Allen on Friday, Oct 4th, 2013.
Do you ever ask your child what happened in school and get the shoulder shrug? Well, this should help! Please read to find out all about our week...

This week we were busy as always!

In reading we have been working on Making Connections and Making Predictions. We are reading a class read aloud, Roald Dahl's The Witches, and the kids are having a blast trying to predict what will happen next in the story. We have been trying to "Tune in to Interesting Words" as a way to learn new vocabulary, and Roald Dahl uses all sorts of interesting words. Have you ever heard of "tommyrot"??? If you ask your child what is going on currently in the book, they will probably be really happy to tell you ALL about it!

We have also been doing lots of Word Work. The students have been practicing spelling patterns, learning about synonyms and antonyms, and have been reviewing how to count syllables in words.

During our Writing time we are working on telling "small moment narrative" stories about ourselves. We already brainstormed lots of ideas and chose one "seed topic". Ask your child which topic he/she chose to write about. They are working now to revise the stories so that they are organized and have lots of voice in them. We have also begun discussing grammar in the context of our writing. Nouns, verbs, and adjectives are what we are discovering now. This is something great that you can talk about to reinforce at home because it is still confusing for many of them.

We have been learning new cursive letters. Ask about why the "c" is magic. Hopefully you have seen your child practicing this for homework twice this week.

We have also been discussing how to be assertive as a part of our social-emotional curriculum, Second Steps. The kids have been role playing different scenarios, making sure they look each other in the eye and ask for what they need in a calm, straightforward way.

In Social Studies we have been studying Communities, and this week they brainstormed ways we can help our community. Our first project was to walk around our school collecting trash.

We also began our first Science unit: the Solar System. We even are lucky enough to have pARTners helping with this and leading a movement project. We have already learned about revolutions, rotations, and gravity. They will be here again next week on Monday and Friday to finish the project, then we will continue to learn about the Solar System in class.

As you can see, a lot goes on, so I'm happy you could read about it in our blog. We will try to update it weekly so you can keep up. Don't forget to also read your child's Friday letter to you because then you learn about what he or she thought was the most noteworthy part(s) of our week.

As always please contact me with questions or concerns!