About the Board of Trustees

School Board Meetings
Teton County School District #1 has seven members of the Board of Trustees. School Board workshops and meetings are usually held at the Administration Building (1235 Gregory Lane) on the SECOND Wednesday of each month commencing at 6:00 p.m., unless otherwise stated.  The FOURTH Wednesday of the month is for approval of Warrants.  Warrant Board Meetings are held at the same location.  

For more information, please contact Michele Doyle - 733-2790 or mdoyle@tcsd.org

Board Organization

Open the link for information about the School Board's Organizational Chart, including information about our School Board Committees and other related Boards and Services.   For information on Board meetings, agendas, minutes and documents, please find documents here:

Board Handbook

For general information about our governing board, open the link below.

Strategic Plan

The Board of Trustees is currently updating it's Stategic Plan. 

Budget & Compensation

To see budget and compensation information, please find documents by opening this link:

Proposed Policy

Please open TCSD1 BoardDocs-eGovernance for a full list of board-related documents, including proposed board policies.

For questions or comments on proposed policies, please contact Michele Doyle using the contact form from this link.

Report Card

Teton County School District #1 Annual Report Card captures the accomplishments of the past school year and provides informative data about our school district and our nine schools. We are very proud of our continuous improvement as we strive to fulfill our vision of excellence.