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TCSD #1 High Schools Examine Master Schedules
Saturday, October 29th, 2016

Jackson Hole High School and Summit High School are starting a public process to review their current master schedules. TCSD#1 high schools have been structured under a modified block/7-period schedule since the 2010-2011 school year.

Jackson Hole High School Principal Scott Crips stated, "As educators, we seek every opportunity to model lifelong learning and improvement by continually examining our practices and processes. We feel it is important to take a look at how we have been operating and ask ourselves, is this structure meeting the needs of current and future students?"

Summit High School Principal, Beth Auge added, "Yes, this is a lot of work that may present some questions, challenges, and concerns but we owe it to our students to do this important review."

According to the National Association of Secondary Principals The master schedule reveals the true beliefs, attitudes, values, and priorities of the school district. The school's master schedule is like looking at an MRI of the inner workings of a school. How the master schedule is constructed may be as important as what the master schedule contains. The master schedule reveals what is important to the school, how a student's day looks, how professionals interact, and how key decisions are made. www.nassp.org

The review process includes working with faculty from various grade levels and content areas, schools, district leadership, students, parents and other community members to explore the options and ensure we provide a master schedule that best meets the needs of students, families, staff, and the district.

The focus of the review will focus on the following topics as major factors in considering possible changes to the master schedule:

Student and Learning-Focused Schedule

  • Reteaching/Intervention/Tutorial time built into day
  • Number of courses to focus on per day/per semester
  • Number of student and teacher transitions per day
  • Number of students a teacher sees per day/cycle
  • Conducive to balanced instructional model that focuses on active student engagement in the learning process (vs. passive engagement)
  • Allow for increased blended learning opportunities

College and Career Readiness

  • Maintain important programming in test prep, career exploration, college application process
  • Opportunities for school-community learning
  • Maintain/increase AP participation

Adult planning and learning considerations

  • Consistent meeting time for teacher to teacher collaboration time (professional learning communities)

A parent information night will be offered at 6:00pm on November 17th at the Jackson Hole High School Library. We encourage parents of high school and 8th grade students to attend to share their thoughts, questions and concerns.

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