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Wyoming K-12 Education Funding Deficit White Paper Released
Wednesday, January 4th, 2017
In mid-December the Wyoming Legislature's   Joint Education Committee formed a subcommittee to examine ways to increase revenue and decrease expenditures in education.  The subcommittee reported their findings in a White Paper that points
out that we are funded through this biennium, but reductions will necessary in the future.  
Click the following hyperlink to read the Wyoming K-12   Education Funding Deficit White Paper :
The deadline to provide public comment is January 4th.  
While we recognize that Wyoming is facing a significant loss of revenue, it is important to know that no state funding or TCSD #1 budget decisions have yet been made.  We will know more about   any future reductions in the coming weeks as the legislative session convenes and begins their budget work.  Our Trustees and local legislative delegation will be representing us in Cheyenne and will be working hard to limit funding reductions to our district.
TCSD #1 made reductions in this current year's budget while working hard  to keep the reductions as far away from the classroom as possible.  We will continue with this goal in mind to deal with any future reductions.  Once we know more about the Legislature's funding decisions and what they mean for our district, we   will create a process for administration and staff, students and the community to provide input on budget decisions.  

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