Superintendent's Message

Gillian Chapman

Happy spring!  Before students and staff depart for the much anticipated two week spring break, I wanted to provide a brief update on district news.

The Wyoming Legislature has recessed after approving several public education related bills.  While this was not a budget session, the legislature did approve an External Cost Adjustment which essentially adjusts funding to partially account for increases in general expenses.  With this adjustment, the funding reductions anticipated from the 2018 budget session have been lessened. This is good news for TCSD and public education.

If you have not applied for free or reduced meals and think you might qualify, please visit our website to complete the application.  If you have applied in the past but your financial situation has changed, we encourage you to apply again.  For example, if you work seasonal jobs and do not work during the off season, you may qualify. The information you share on your application is kept confidential.  Additionally, your information is not shared with any state or federal agencies.

TCSD recently completed a Most Cost Effective Remedy study. The purpose of the study was to identify options to address capacity issues at Jackson Hole Middle School, as well as considerations for future capacity issues at Jackson Hole High School.  The TCSD Board of Trustees unanimously approved the preferred alternative to build a 6th grade “pod” or addition at the current JHMS site. Over time, as enrollment increases, additional pods would be constructed for the 7th grade and the 8th grade. This approach would ultimately create a new school, built around the existing gymnasiums and commons/cafeteria.   Additionally, the district is exploring various options to address immediate needs such as expanding the commons/cafeteria, eliminating congestion points in the hallways and creating a new, secure entrance for the school.

If you have a student starting kindergarten in September, 2019 be sure to schedule a screening appointment at your neighborhood school.   The screening schedule is available here.   Information about which school your child will attend, based on where you live, is available here.

I hope the next two weeks are full of fun with family and friends and that students return to school on April 8th rested and ready for the ACT or WY-TOPP, the state assessment that will be given to students in April and early May.  

Thank you for your support and trust in our district.


Gillian Chapman, Superintendent


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