Mission, Tradition, and Milestones

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Our Mission:  100% Graduation, 100% College and Career Ready



100% Graduation, 100% College and Career Ready is the mission statement at Jackson Hole High School, a focus that is crisp, clear, and measurable. Since 2009, the principal and faculty have developed policy and program changes to focus on 100% college readiness for all of our students. JHHS has a core believe that is first and foremost a teaching organization, where everyone is a teacher and everyone is a learner. This belief is supported in all areas fo the school through instructional leadership and coaching, modeling practices, and continuous feedback to classroom teachers. We have a relentless dedication to the best instructional practices that enable students to demonstrate their understanding and to achieve their highest potential.

A tradition of academic excellence and a national reputation for innovative programs places JHHS at the heart of a diverse and successful community. The school reflects a population of progressive entrepreneurs, people in the tourist industry, and business owners as well as the valley's rich heritage of ranchers, conservationists, artists and mountaineers. Over the past decade, the county's Latino population has grown rapidly, adding a vibrant dimension to the valley. Currently, 28% of JHHS's students are Latino, 5% are Asian, American Indian or of mixed ethnicity, and 11% are students with disabilities. While the national press profiles Jackson's wealthy, almost 26% of the school's students are eligible for free/reduced-priced meals. JHHS has the fundamental belief that all students can achieve at high levels regardless of socioeconomic status.

JHHS is a small rural school of 651 students that offers academic opportunities found in larger comprehensive high schools: for example, our STEM program with Robotics, Engineering, and Fabrication Lab; 11 AP courses across many disciplines; visual and performing arts; and 17 athletic programs.

We bring the world to your students through the smart and effective use of the Web, classrooms equipped with 21st century tools, webinars, and special events such as Model UN and TEDx. Partnerships are invaluable for the school. For 40 years students have spent a week in Grand Teton National Park learning about nature; the valley is the venue for internationally acclaimed music and arts festivals that provide opportunities for students outside the classroom; and we have an engineering partnership with NASA. Each March, over 75 businesses and groups contribute more than $400,000 in college scholarships for 100+ students. Hoecoming Week is always a festive draw for generations of JHHS's alumni and students.

JHHS sets high expectaions for our faculty and staff, who are our most vital resource. Of 60 certified staff, 71% have MAs/MSs, 7% are Nation Board Certified, one has a PhD, and 50% have 10+ years of teaching experience in their subject areas. 100% of the certified faculty meets the federal standards of Highly Qualified (HQ).

In 2012 our students achieved the highest scores in Wyoming on the statewide Proficiency Assessments for Wyoming Students and the highest ACT scores in the state. In 2009 JHHS increased its graduation requirements from 23.5 to 25.5 credits to include four core math and science courses. We have an intervention support program for students who are struggling academically or socially.

Student learning has improved with the implementation of the modified class block schedule that enables them to delve deeper into core subjects. Also, JHHS changed its school start time from 7:35 to 8:54 am to address the student sleep deprivation and to ensure their social and emotional well-being. parents have remarked on their teens having less mood swings, better concentration, and fewer morning wake-up battles.

JHHS's principal consistently receives high marks from the superintendent, Board of Education, parents and teachers for his unwavering commitment to academic rigor for all students. Through his instructional leadership practice, he has established a culture of high achievement, where all students are expected to graduate and to prepare for college and careers. The Principal has developed faculty teams to improve their instructional practices through modeling, peer critiques, and collaboration JHHS soldiered through a rough patch of principal turnover in the last 11 years. In that time there were six different principals. The community was disheartened, but is now revitalized and positive about the accomplishments and environment of the school.JHHS is honored to be nominated as a Blue Ribbon School. With our College and Career Ready and STEM programs, increase in graduation requirements in math and science, and attention to sudents' well-being, JHHS is preparing our students for college and careers. Our faculty is highly educated, experienced and dedicated to continuous learning. They are supported by our professional development system that enables them to improve their instructional practices based upon measurable student progress. JHHS's principal and faculty are committed to all of our students graduating and being 100% College and Career Ready.

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