JHHS Alumni Spotlight

Last Updated: 4/12/2021 7:38 PM

Welcome to the Jackson Hole High School Alumni Spotlight.

Jackson Hole High School is only one part of our student’s educational narrative and achievement.  All of our schools contribute to the success of our students. The JHHS Alumni Spotlight program, recognizing JHHS graduates, is a reflection of all of our schools.  Alumni will be recognized from both in and out of state and internationally.

Many of our alumni have become successful in a variety of fields and also give back to their communities in many ways. Our goal is to connect these individuals to our current student body in order to facilitate discussions on post-secondary experiences, careers and other topics of interest.

We are pleased to share our alumni and their stories with you. They are doing some amazing things in this world!

JHHS Alumni

Jackson Tisi alumni photo

JHHS Graduation Year: 2014
College / Post Secondary: NYU Tisch School of the Arts
Current occupation/employer: Filmmaker/Director/Freelance
Professional Links: You can see all my current work on my website www.jacksontisi.com

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Annie Kuvinka

JHHS Graduation Year: 2003
College / Post Secondary: Whitman College (B.A), Seattle University (Ed.S)
Current occupation/employer: School Psychologist, Teton County School District
Professional Links: National Association of School Psychologist https://www.nasponline.org/

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Mike DiPrisco

JHHS Graduation Year: 2001
College / Post Secondary: United States Air Force Academy
Current occupation/employer: FedEx Express MD-11F First Officer

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Dr. Jim Little, Jr

JHHS Graduation Year: 1986
College / Post Secondary: Syracuse University(B.A.), University of Colorado (M.D)
Current occupation/employer: St. John's Health
Professional Links: St. Johns Heath Center

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