Staff Directory

Main Office 307-732-3700
Attendance Office 307-732-3701
Activities Office 307-732-3704
Translation 307-732-3789
Counseling Office 307-732-3765
Aufderheide, Carin L  
Barrett Hazard, Anne  
Bath, Nicholas  
Bell, Ryan E  
Bellorado, Orion E  
Bernal, Irwing  
Borrego, Shannon R.  
Bowker, Mary Catherine  
Braman, Shane Alonzo  
Brazil, Jeff  
Bressler, Jessica  
Brettell, Benjamin  
Brewer, Katherine Rose  
Corry, Dane I  
Coughlin, Guthrie  
Creager-Markman, Laura R.  
Crisp, Matthew Scott  
Davis, Katherine F  
Duquette, Gary  
Earl, Shauna R  
Eastman, Roan D.  
Farren, David Patrick  
Farris, Sarah B  
Fletcher, Erin S  
Fowden, Ian R  
Graham, Jaimie L  
Gutwein, Vince  
Hansen, Michael M  
Hardman, Jared  
Hart, Garrick M  
Harton, Marcy  
Hatfield, Hayden  
Hoelscher, Mary F  
Hoffer, Emily Alden  
Horigan, Hannah M  
Hungate, William M  
Husband, Elizabeth Fuger  
Japel, Margaret Ann  
Jenkins, James  
Johnson, Allen  
Johnson, Teerstyn  
Johnson, Tia  
Joyce, David  
Kampfschulte, Ann E  
Katz, Cheryl  
Kelley, Jennifer E  
King, Carson J  
Kuvinka, Ann  
Larkin, Dana L  
Lee, Victoria  
Lennon, Sharon A  
Lopez, Francisco S  
Lopez, Gabriel  
Loughry, Amy  
Lundeen, Caroline B  
Mahood, Connie K  
Malley, Jenna Pearl  
Martinez, Cecily  
Martinez, Francisca  
Matthaei, Molly Claire  
May, Valerie H  
Mulherin, Sean  
Neff, Darbi  
Ninnemann, Nancy  
Olvera, Minerva  
Overly, Andrea W  
Paddock, Kathryn  
Perez Garcia, Martha  
Perez Villa, Talina  
Pesch, Margaret  
Pierson, Bobi  
Preston, Sage  
Rossetti, Colleen A  
Roundy, Andrew  
Roundy, Michelle  
Sheue, Eric  
Shidner, Bethany  
Shockley, Sean L  
Shuptrine, Carl  
Smith, Douglas R  
Smith, Samantha J  
Souter, Jonathan  
Steele, Kathryn  
Stines, Jeffry M  
Sutton, Cyndi Denise  
Tarana, Noelle L  
Taylor, Todd B  
Tenney, Sarah L  
Tisi, Mary Krol  
Toal, Sarah E  
Tomich, Julie MH  
Tuchscherer, Henry Jess  
Van Gelder, Julie  
Vides, Maria Margarita  
Vogel, Douglas G  
Watkins, Kathryn Shea  
Weakland, Joseph  
Weikle, Judith D  
Welch, Tracie Fifer  
Wetzel, Tyeise C  
Whippie, Johnson  
Wienholt, Jessica  
Williams, Joseph W  
Winmill, Natalie  
Worthington, Piper P  
Yeomans, Jessica  
Zwagerman, Peter

Teton County School District is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination in relation to age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. This policy governs all matters concerning staff, students, educational programs and services, and individuals with whom the School District does business. The notice shall include a reference to the person and the address and telephone number of the staff member designated to coordinate civil rights compliance. For purposes of this School District, that person shall be the Superintendent or Title IX/504/Communications Coordinator at 307-733-2704 or PO Box 568, Jackson WY 83001

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