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Mr Miller with Family

Bo Miller has been working as an educator in TCSD for about 20 years where he began as a middle school English and History teacher. Before being an educator, he worked in a variety of business settings, including for his family's business and for a major U.S. corporation. He first moved into school administration as the Assistant Principal at Jackson Hole Middle School under jhis mentor, Jean Coldsmith, before later becoming the JHMS Prinipal. Two years ago he moved over to the elementary level at Colter Elementary. He is passionate about supporting a life-long curiosity among his students (and staff. . .and himself!) and believes that an exceptional education is one of the keys to opening up doors of opportunity in life. He envisions Colter Elementary as being a place where all students thrive academically, emotionally, socially and physically. 

Personally, Bo has lived in Jackson with his wife, Teresa, since the early 1990's. They have raised, and are still raising, three teenagers, ages 14, 18 and 19. Like many Jacksonites, the Millers enjoy the gorgeous setting our wild lands offer.



Anitra Jensen has been an educator for 20 years with a wide range of experiences including teaching students in all grades k-8. She started her career in a rural k-10 public school where she taught grades 4-6 in a multi-grade classroom. From there she transitioned to another rural school where she was the only classroom teacher in a k-3 school. She was the building principal as well as the full time teacher and often kids around that during her 3 years there, she was called mom for often than Mrs. Jensen. When she went back to school to get her master's degree she started work as a 5th grade teacher at a laboratory school on the Utah State University campus in Logan, Utah. While teaching 5th grade, she also worked as an adjunct instructor teaching university students in the Elementary Education program. She has a bachelor's degree in elementary education, a master's degree in gifted education as well as a university endorsement in school and district administration. While working as a 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Jensen brought her class to Teton Science School every October. This was one of the highlights of the academic year for her. When Journeys School of Teton Science School posted a job opening for a teacher of gifted and talented students she immediately applied. During her time at Journeys School, she wore many hats. She was responsible for teacher observation and professional development, director over the student individualized education program, as well as teacher of gifted students. She has just completed her 5th year at TCSD. She started as a PEAK teacher then transitioned to teaching a hybrid class of library and technology for the past 2 years. 

She and her husband John, are the proud parents of 2 grown children, Whitney and Zackary. They spend their free time canoeing, camping, hiking and fishing whether it's at Lewis Lake in Yellowstone National Park or one of the many rivers found in Teton Valleys Jackson and Idaho. They love exploring the United States and have a goal of traveling to each of the 50 states and all of the National Parks.

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