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Last Updated: 10/12/2020 5:00 PM

Welcome to the Moran Elementary Nurse's Corner

September 14, 2020

Parents, please remember the schools are counting on you to stay open.  Please do not send any student to school if they are exhibiting any symptoms.  We need everyone to be on board to keep all the students and staff safe and healthy.  

The COVID-19 Guidelines are a bit less restricted than they initially were.  Students are now allowed to come to school if a household member is sick at home.  However, if a household member is getting tested for COVID-19, we do request you keep all students home until a negative result is received.  

Below, please find copies of the updated COVID-19 Guidelines and the corresponding clarification letter.  


TCSD Covid-19 Guidelines

Clarification of COVID-19 Guidelines


Below are a couple short videos from Teton County Health Department; they go over the guidelines the district has in place.  

English Version of VIdeo

Spanish Version of Video

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns:



Welcome to Kindergarten!!!  For a letter to parents, please click here.

Grades 1-5, welcome back to school, or welcome in general!!  For a letter to parents, please click here.

To access medical forms and related information please click here to visit the Health Services home page.  

To know more about Nurse Esther please click here to visit her home page.  


Contact Information:

Esther Ellis, RN, BSN, School Nurse
Lead Nurse for the Teton County School District Health Services Team

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