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Welcome to the TCSD #1 Transportation Department webpage ( We hope this page provides all the information you are searching for. If there is something additional we can help you with, do not hesitate to reach out to us at 307-733-4943 or visit our Contact page. Student transportation is provided in accordance with W.S.21-3-131.

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2019-2020 Letter to Parents

Transportation Family & Student Handbook
Please review all of the following information, then share it with your children.


2019-2020 Alternate and Temporary Transportation Request Forms: 

(These Requests MUST be completed by 1:00 PM each day. All submissions after 1 may not be seen or verified)

2019-2020 Temporary Bus Ride Request 
This form allows a student to ride a bus other than their assigned stop on a one-time basis, for example going to a friend's house after school. 

2019-2020 Alternate Bus Ride Request Form
This form allows a student to ride a bus other than their assigned stop for example to a regular childcare program or to provide for dual-residences. 

2019-2020 Activity Bus Request Form 
This form allows a student to ride the activity Bus/Town Shuttle based on the schedule below.

Note: the Activity Bus is a significant privilege & responsibility for district students. Activity Bus Drivers cannot manage student schedules or ensure that students unload at the appropriate stop each day. Please ensure your student is ready for this responsibility before signing them up for this service.

19-20 Schedule


Lost & Found Items:

Looking for an item that was left on a bus? Please fill out a request form HERE. Responses can be expected in 48 hours or less.


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