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To see what forms are required BEFORE a student can participate please navigate to the forms page HERE


Hey everyone!

Upcoming Important Dates:

Wednesday, March 10

School Board Recognition - The School Board wants to recognize our team for our efforts and accomplishments this season.

Location: School District Office - near football stadium and skate park

Time: Be there at 5:55 pm, Meeting starts at 6 pm. We are usually done by 6:15 pm.

It would be great to have you there, if you can make it.


State Results:

Friday Giant Slalom Results

Saturday Slalom Results

State Team Point Totals



It would be a good idea to dress for practice before you come to practice to minimize lodge time.
Anyone who can make it to practice early to help set-up is appreciated. We'll be heading up the lift at 3:40 pm to set for each day.
B day athletes need to help us set up on Mondays and Wednesdays
day athletes need to help us set up on Tuesdays and Thursdays
For set up, we will be heading up the mountain at 3:40 pm.
Mountain Academy, Home School, and Online athletes will need to help at the end of practice in the clean-up.
Remember, everyone helps with clean-up.


You can view video of your son/daughter racing. You will need to talk to your skier and use their email address and login info (password). Each skier has been sent an invitation for HUDL. If you need another invite, please let me know.


State Alpine Ski Meet at Snow King - Friday, March 5 and Saturday, March 6


WHSAA Alpine and Nordic Season Covid Considerations Updated 11-16-20

TCSD and USSA further considerations

TCSD Activities COVID Plan


Gatekeeper Review


A word on Time Trials: Each skier gets three runs in the course. After we get three runs we total the times of the two fastest runs. 

Strategies for Time Trials: Finish the first two runs so that you can go all out on run 3. With two good runs done already, there is no pressure other than to go faster. If you have trouble in the course (miss a gate, straddle a gate) stay with it, forget about your trouble and refocus. HIKE if you need to. If you had trouble in one of your first two runs, put together a fast and solid third run, so you can get a good total time. If you struggle on two of your three runs, understand that we need finishers who will get our team points. 

I never like to tell a racer to go slow, after all we are called racers. But by being a consistent finisher, you will gain confidence and earn valuable points for the team. 


We will be visiting the EDDs or Every Day Drills this week.
          Every Day Drills List                     Every Day Drills Pictures


2021  Racing Schedule 

Western Regional High School Championships  Cancelled for 2021

2020-2021 Results

All-State Points       and       Team Points 

JHNewsandGuide Pre-Season Article

Laramie Results     and     Team Totals
Cody@Casper GS   /   SL    and     Team Totals
Pinedale GS  /  SL  and  Team Totals
NC (Casper)   GS   /   SL     and      Team Totals
WY State GS   /   SL   and    Team Totals



Video: Our Schedule this season. (less than 5 minutes)




Sometimes it is helpful to get a common vocabulary for communication.

Check out this Glossary of Skier Terms.

Coaching staff:

Lindsey Parr Howley

Joe Dvorak

Mark Pommer

Brian Hager

Tim Flanagan

Andrew Byron

Nick Houfek

Check out the link below regarding what ski team does at different times of the year.

Through the Year with the Jackson Hole Ski Team


A quick quote from this New Yorker article about the Shiffrins.
The Shiffrins were disciples of the ten-thousand-hours concept; the 2009 Daniel Coyle book “The Talent Code” was scripture. They studied the training methods of the Austrians, Alpine skiing’s priesthood. The Shiffrins wanted to wring as much training as possible out of every minute of the day and every vertical foot of the course. They favored deliberate practice over competition. They considered race days an onerous waste: all the travel, the waiting around, and the emotional stress for two quick runs. They insisted that Shiffrin practice honing her turns even when just skiing from the bottom of the racecourse to the chairlift. Most racers bomb straight down, their nonchalance a badge of honor.
Jeff Shiffrin said, “One of the things I learned from the Austrians is: every turn you make, do it right. Don’t get lazy, don’t goof off. Don’t waste any time. If you do, you’ll be retired from racing by the time you get to ten thousand hours.” 
“Here’s the thing,” Mikaela told me one day. “You can’t get ten thousand hours of skiing. You spend so much time on the chairlift. My coach did a calculation of how many hours I’ve been on snow. We’d been overestimating. I think we came up with something like eleven total hours of skiing on snow a year. It’s like seven minutes a day. Still, at the age of twenty-two, I’ve probably had more time on snow than most. I always practice, even on the cat tracks or in those interstitial periods. My dad says, ‘Even when you’re just stopping, be sure to do it right, maintaining a good position, with counter-rotational force.’ These are the kinds of things my dad says, and I’m, like, ‘Shut up.’ But if you say it’s seven minutes a day, then consider that thirty seconds that all the others spend just straight-lining from the bottom of the racecourse to the bottom of the lift: I use that part to work on my turns. I’m getting extra minutes. 


JHHS Activities Registration Form (including code of conduct)
JHHS Travel Release - for entire season - meaning when students to not practice at JHHS 
$50 Activity fee to JHHS 


There is a $100 Alpine ski team fee. Please pay as soon as possible. This fee goes toward upkeep on our SL gates, GS gates, end of the year banquet, etc. 

Feel free to e-mail me with your ideas on FUNdraising...

Lockers are $100 for the season. Please turn in your $$ to Coach Hansen and he can give you your locker assignment and combination. Here is a form that you can print off and turn in to Coach Hansen. 

2019-2020 Results
Laramie Results      and      Team Totals
KW Casper Results     and     Team Totals 
Pinedale Friday SL Results     and      Saturday GS Results    and     Team Totals 
Cody/Red Lodge - SL Feb 20 Results    and    GS Results    and    Team Totals 
NC Casper Results     and      Team Points 
State Slalom          GS Results     and     Team Points 
State Points     and      JHHS Team Points

JHHS Season Statistics


2018-2019 Results

Laramie Results     and     Team Totals
Casper KW Results     and      Team Totals 
Cody Results     and      Team Totals 
 NC Casper Results     and     Team Totals
State Day 1 SL     and      State Day 2 GS     and     Team Totals 
                State Points     and     Team Points


Crowheart Butte Story - For all of the remaining trips, we will be traveling by Crowheart Butte. You should know why it got this name and who Chief Washakie is...

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