DLI Resources

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National Organizations

     California Department of Education (Two-Way Immersion Programs)

     Dual Language Education of New Mexico

     Utah Dual Language Immersion


Research Organizations

     Center for Applied Linguistics (Two-Way Immersion Page)

     Center for Multilingual, Multicultural Research

      Katherine Lindholm-Leary Homepage (Significant research in the field of DLI)


Benefits of Dual Language Immersion

     Rice Institute for Urban Research

     American Councils for International Education


Successful Dual Immersion Programs/Schools

     Amigos School (MA)

     Alicia R. Chacon International School (El Paso, TX)
     Barbieri Elementary (MA)
     Blaine County School District (Sun Valley)
     Capistrano School District (CA)
     Key Elementary School (VA)
     Claremont Elementary School (VA)

     Madawaska and Gateway Elementary Schools (ME)
     Osceola School District (FL)
     Valley View Elementary in Pleasanton, CA

     Natrona County Dual Immersion Program


     Albany County Dual Immersion Program

     Campbell County Dual Immersion Program





Information about dual language immersion programs in middle and high school




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