About the Transportation Department

TCSD #1 Transportation provides school transportation and support for over 2800 students throughout Teton County, throughout the year. With over 40 staff and 47 buses in our fleet, our combined daily bus routes cover over 1800 miles and are on the road for a combined 130 hours each day to ensure students are transported to home and school safely. We currently support 10 TCSD schools with 28 elementary routes and 23 secondary routes while utilizing 190 bus stops. We are privileged to service and transport district students in a variety of ways including regular and special needs school bus routes, Summer school, field trips, activity trips and others.

TCSD #1 Transportation Services


Full Time Staff:

Transportation Director: Colby Stevens

Administrative Manager: Kelly Hatch

Head Mechanic: Grant Galloway

Transportation Secretary: Gaby Espinoza 

Administrative Secretary: Julie Carroll

Mechanic: Dustin Hall

Driver Trainer: Martin Murphy

Bus Cleaner: Bob Forsyth

Mechanic: Neill Herbert

Mechanic/Inventory Specialist: Gilbert Denis



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