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2022-2023 School Year 
Teton County School District #1


Becoming a Substitute in TCSD #1:
Teton County School District is a wonderful place to work. Surrounded by the Tetons, our community offers a wealth of opportunities to foster collaborative relationships among educators, students, parents and community members.  

The work of a substitute teacher is invaluable to Teton County Schools by ensuring that classroom routines as well as day-to-day operations can continue seamlessly as if the employee was there.  Substitutes also allow for the District's instructional staff to attend professional development opportunities where teacher collaboration of ideas and best teaching practices can occur. If interested in subbing for Teton County Schools, there are two employment options available.

Substitute Employment Options:

To become a Wyoming Certified Substitute who fills in when certified teachers are absent, carefully review the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board Website (click) to gain better understanding of the process and requirements for becoming a Wyoming certified substitute teacher.  Requirements include successful completion of the U.S. and Wyoming Constitution test as well as fingerprinting.
In addition to the Wyoming PTSB Application requirements, TCSD #1 requires successful completion of paperwork, fingerprinting, and participation in a substitute induction program prior to working as a substitute in Teton County Schools.
The pay for certified substitute teachers is $80.00 for half-day and $160.00 for full-day.

TCSD #1 uses non-certified substitutes to fill in for classified/paraprofessional staff such as secretaries and paras when absent. Because Wyoming PTSB substitute certification is not necessary for classified/paraprofessional staff in Teton County Schools, non-certified substitutes may begin work immediately upon successful completion of TCSD #1 paperwork, fingerprinting, and substitute induction program. The pay for non-certified substitutes is $16.00 an hour.

STEP 1: Complete Job Application
Complete TCSD #1 Online Job Application (click) using Frontline Education (External Applicant => Click on Start Application => Read Special Directions)

STEP 2Submit Wyo PTSB Application 
Complete Wyoming PTSB Substitute Permit Application (click) for Wyoming Substitute Certification. Read more about the PTSB Substitute Application Process. (includes Fingerprinting from Teton County Sheriff's Dept and US & Wyoming Constitution Tests)

STEP 3: Complete New Hire Papers
Locate email from Frontline Education and Complete TCSD #1 Online New Hire Papers (includes Fingerprinting from Teton County Sheriff's Dept)

STEP 4: Participate in Substitute Certification On-Site Training
Participate in Substitute Orientation & On-Site Training while waiting for Wyoming PTSB Substitute Certification Application to be processed at the State level. 

STEP 5: "Cleared for Subbing"
Select Substitute Job for certified and/or non-certified/classified staff in TCSD #1. Substitute job choices are dependent upon PTSB substitute teaching certification.

Questions About Job Application Process:
Contact Brianne Huggins
TCSD #1 Substitute Coordinator
Work Cell:  307-413-5579 ext 9520
Work Phone: 307-733-2704

Questions About Substitute Training Program:
Contact Jan Segerstrom
TCSD #1 Substitute Training Facilitator

*Thank you for your interest in becoming a substitute teacher with TCSD #1.  We appreciate the hard work, dedication and professionalism of our substitutes.

TCSD #1 Substitute Teacher Orientation - Training Program

In order to be fully "cleared" for subbing in Teton County Schools, all substitutes, certified or non-certified, are required to participate in a comprehensive Substitute Teacher Training Program that has three components: Substitute Orientation, Technology, and Classroom Management.  Most substitute applicants participate in the Substitute Teacher Training Program while they are waiting for Wyoming PTSB to approve their applications for substitute certification (4-6 weeks for permit delivery).   

Substitute Training Program Requirements:

Substitute Q&A Session:  Learn more about the steps for becoming a certified substitute in TCSD #1
Next Session:  (Coming Soon!)  
*Contact Jan Segerstrom for more information and how to sign up!  (

Orientation/Training Session:
Next Session:  1.5 days of training
Day 1: Orientation (Wednesday, September 28th (12:00-4:00 PM)
Day 2Hands-On Training (Wednesday, October 5th (8:00-4:00 PM)
*Contact Jan Segerstrom for training session availability and all other orientation-related questions   (

Questions regarding the Substitute Training Program?  Contact Jan Segerstrom

Additional Substitute Information:


Non Certified: Paraprofessionals
Instructional Paraprofessional/Cubs & Grizzly Day Care Rate = $20.75 per hour (maximum 8-hour day)
Special Education Paraprofessional Rate = $23.15 per hour (maximum 8-hour day)

Certified Teachers:
Short-Term Rate:
Half day (8:00 am -12:00 pm) plus lunch = $90 
Full day (8:00 am - 4:00 pm) = $175 
Long-term Rate (6 weeks) = $250.00 per day (8am-4pm)

Certified Teacher Substitute Pay Incentive: 

  • After working 3 full days during the same pay period, certified substitute full-day pay increases to $250 per day for the remainder of the pay period.
  • Thereafter, after subbing 3 full days during each pay period, a sub's full-day pay increases to $250/day for the remaining portion of the pay period.
  • The pay period is from the 19th of the month until the 18th of the following month. Ex: Sept 19-October 18

Frontline Education Absence Manager   
TCSD #1 uses Frontline Employee Absence Management System for absence and substitute management.









Heather Schon
Director of Human & Fiscal Resources
Work Phone:  307-733-2704    ext. 9504


Teton County School District is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination in relation to age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. This policy governs all matters concerning staff, students, educational programs and services, and individuals with whom the School District does business. The notice shall include a reference to the person and the address and telephone number of the staff member designated to coordinate civil rights compliance. For purposes of this School District, that person shall be the Superintendent or Title IX/504/Communications Coordinator at 307-733-2704 or PO Box 568, Jackson WY 83001

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