TCSD Board Adopts 2020 Legislative Priorities

Teton County School District Success: 

  • Jackson Hole High School is ranked #1 in the state of Wyoming and is nationally ranked for graduation rate, ACT scores, excellence with college and career preparation, inclusion of bi-lingual focus.  

  • Three National Blue Ribbon Schools: Alta Elementary, Wilson Elementary, Jackson Hole High School.

  • Munger Mountain Elementary School is the only dual immersion school in Wyoming.

  • Contributes to economic success of Wyoming with over $12,000,000 in recapture payments, an increase of $4,500,000 compared to fiscal year 2019.  

  • Leadership awards: Millikin Award, Assistant Principal of the Year, Coach of the Year, Life Changers, Presidential Award.

Teton County School District Challenges:

  • Adequate facilities to provide the Basket of Goods at Jackson Hole Middle School and Jackson Hole High School and provisions for elementary schools moving into the future.

  • Ability to hire highly trained administrators, teachers and paraprofessionals due to the high cost of living and limited affordable housing.

  • Fully addressing the social and emotional needs of students.  

Legislative Priority - Stable Funding

  • Teton County School District is one of the largest year around employers in our community.  Instability in education funding leads to instability for the community, for families and local businesses.  

  • When reductions are made to education throughout Wyoming or threats are made to further erode the funding model, highly trained staff cannot move to another district and their only option is to leave the state.  Teton County has had difficulty filling all positions in the school district with quality applicants.  

  • State mandates and special education must be fully funded. 

  • Support ECA and RCA adjustments that reflect the cost of providing a high quality education in Teton County. 

  • Support efficiencies in the statewide education system that do not compromise the education of public school students, for example a state-wide fiscal and student management system.  

  • Escalating cost of healthcare.

  • Health insurance is the second largest component in the district’s budget, yet there is no way to effectively manage the expenditure.  This is the largest driver of the cost of education in Wyoming.  

  • Provide funding for pre-kindergarten students, providing  intensive early intervention to students in literacy in the k-12 setting.  

Legislative Priority - Safety and Security

  • Safe schools are created when we address facility security and social/emotional learning.  

  • Preventative measures, facility and infrastructure needs, critical incident planning, training, response, and recovery efforts are necessary components of the plan.  

  • Trained staff such as School Resource Officers are critical to developing a partnership between homes, schools and the community.  

  • Social/emotional and mental health needs of students are essential, including wrap-around services to connect students with appropriate resources.  On-site counselors, social workers, school psychologists and nurses are critical elements of the school staff providing support for everyone. Students face more stress than ever before and we need the support personnel to effectively help them cope with the pressures they face.  

  • Develop, maintain and support positive school culture and community. 

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