JHHS Graduation
Starts 6/6/2020 @ 11:00 AM Ends 6/6/2020
Location JHHS
More Information (Directions)

Hover over this QR code in your phone camera view to watch the graduation ceremony (please note there will be some lag time from live to the stream)

Who -    JHHS/SIS Seniors and their families

What -    JHHS/SIS Graduation Ceremony Class of 2020

Where -    JHHS Parking Lot (a live stream link will be available next week)

Why -    We love your kids as much as you do.  Let’s celebrate them!

When -    Saturday June 6th.  The ceremony will start at 11:00 AM: parking lot opens at 10:00 AM for families to drive in, collect an informational packet, and watch our entry slideshow that features our amazing kids. It will “loop” at least 3 times so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to see it.

How -    This will look like a drive in movie; one car per family will drive into the lot where we will host our graduation ceremony (if you have a special request for a second vehicle due to divorced parents or other significant need please contact Mike Hansen or Mary Tisi and we will address each situation on a case by case basis). Our parking will be limited - we are relining the spaces to adhere to social distancing so windows can be approved by our health officials to be open. No foot traffic on the school grounds will be permitted.

FAQ -    We will be sending a follow up communication with more detailed instructions Tuesday of next week after we have our next meeting with local health officials.  We understand there will be a desire to get “the best spot” and we will be addressing that in a way that we think will alleviate the pressure of wanting to get that great parking spot.  Be assured that all our planning for this ceremony is focused on creating the absolutely best experience we can for the seniors and their families. We are working closely with the Teton County Public Health and following the appropriate guidelines so this celebration can take place in the safest possible way.  Additionally, we will also give directions about how to enter the parking lot, how to access bathrooms, what types of vehicles we can and cannot permit in the parking lot, how the graduate will walk across the stage and then proceed through the parking lot to wave at their friends, as well as other information that will be important to know ahead of time.  We are excited and thankful to be able to celebrate you and your children in a way very fitting for this wonderful (and resilient) Class of 2020.  

              For any questions please contact Mike Hansen or Mary Tisi 

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