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PEAK Identification Process

PEAK Identification Process

The PEAK identification process takes place each spring.  This is the only time TCSD students are eligible for referral/data analysis/testing for the PEAK Program.  The exception to this is the fall identification process that is solely for students new to the district.  As the time draws near to the beginning of the identification process, we will hold a Parent Meeting and will post some specific dates relating to the process.


Teacher Referral - Teachers participate in professional development to better understand the difference between gifted and high ability learners.  The KOI (Kingore Observation Inventory) is used to identify students who show gifted characteristics as well as demonstrate a need for academic challenge beyond the classroom.

Parent Referral - Parents may choose to refer their child to be screened by filling out the TCSD Parent Referral Form - Please click here for the form in English or here for the form in SpanishAll forms must be returned to the school office or by email by October 6th for fall transfer students or March 8th for 2nd graders and April 19th for 3rd & 4th graders for the spring identification process.

CogAT Screener Referral - All 2nd grade students participate in an abbreviated cognitive abilities test.  Students with a qualifying score on this screener will be referred.

Gifted education staff are available if parents have questions about whether or not to refer and can provide resources to help parents understand a gifted vs. high ability child.

Data Analysis

All students referred by a teacher, parent, or through the CogAT screener will go through the data analysis process.  

The purpose of the data analysis process is to review data and evidence of advanced abilities and achievement, and to determine eligibility for testing into our gifted education program.

Data analysis tools may include, but may not be limited to:

  • KOI Inventory results
  • WyTOPP results
  • SIGS (Scales for Identifying Gifted Students) - both home and school


The CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) is used to determine qualification for the PEAK program.  

The following is required for qualification:

  • A score of 130 or higher in 2 or more areas of the CogAT (verbal, quantitative, nonverbal, composite)