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Isolated Pupil Reimbursement

-See below for pertinent information and documents pertaining to Isolated Pupil Reimbursement for TCSD #1 parents & students.

Please contact Colby Stevens or Kelly Hatch at 307-733-4943 or at with any questions regarding Isolated Pupil Reimbursement.



Applicable TCSD #1 Documents

2023-2024 Isolated Pupil Initial Letter for Applicants *Please Read document prior to application process*

TCSD #1 Application for Reimbursement for Isolated Pupils

Monthly Mileage Log Form *To be used only after Application is approved by TCSD #1 Board of Trustees*

TCSD #1 Transportation Isolation Reimbursement Procedure


Applicable Policies & Supporting Documents

2024 Isolation Mileage Rate

TCSD #1 Policy EEAA-R

W.S. 21-4-401

WDE Chapter 20, Section 9: Isolation & Maintenence Payments



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