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Teton County School District

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School Attendance Areas

School Attendance Area Guidelines:

According to board policy JC, “students will be expected to attend school in the attendance area in which they live. The Superintendent, following consultation with affected administrators, may grant permission for a student to attend a school in another attendance area.  The decision to grant permission will be made on an individual basis.

If a student has been granted permission to attend school in another attendance area, no special transportation will be provided by the School District and private transportation will be the responsibility of the parent and/or legal guardian.”

If the student's family moves to another school attendance area within the School District during the school year, the student may be transferred to the new school or if the parent and/or legal guardian consent, the student may be permitted to complete their education at the school, which they were attending at the time of the move.  The parent and/or legal guardian may be required in such event to provide any additional transportation.


School Attendance Areas:

Elementary Schools:

Jackson Elementary (See Map): East of South Highway 89/north of High School Road and North of Highway 22 , south of Sagebrush Drive

Colter Elementary (See Map): West of South Highway 89/south of High School Road, South of Highway 22 and east of Coyote Canyon Road on Highway 22.

Munger Mountain Elementary: Highway S 89, South of Game Creek.  Applications will be considered for students in other areas of Teton County.  Students in the MMES area who wish to attend a traditional elementary school would attend Colter Elementary.

Wilson Elementary (See Map): Highway 22 West of Coyote Canyon Road to the WY/ID border, Highway 390 to Moose

Kelly Elementary (See Map): Includes students residing on or north of Sagebrush Drive & South of Antelope Flats Road. GTNP residents living south of Signal Mountain Lodge.

Moran Elementary (See Map): North of Antelope Flats Road. GTNP residents living in or north of Signal Mountain Lodge.

Alta Elementary (See Map): Alta, Wyoming


Secondary Schools:

Jackson Hole High School, Summit Innovations School and Jackson Hole Middle School serve all Teton County, Wyoming middle and high school students.


To request an out of area school placement the following form must be completed and submitted to the superintendent’s office for consideration: JC-E Application to Attend Out of Area School


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