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Teton County School District

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TCSD #1 Recreation District

Teton County School District #1 Recreation District (TCSDRD) funds are available because of a recreation mill levy on the county. A maximum of 1 mill may be levied on taxpayers at the discretion of the TCSD #1 Board of Trustees. This is made possible by an act of the legislature and action taken by the Teton County School District #1 Board of Trustees. The TCSD #1 Recreation District is a legally separate entity that is fiscally dependent on the TCSD #1 School District and Board. The TCSDRD Board is comprised of seven (7) members, being the same seven (7) members as are elected to the TCSD #1 Board of Trustees.  


The advisory committee consists of three (3) TCSD #1 Recreation District board members and two (2) community members, appointed by the Board of Trustees. The advisory board reviews, considers, and recommends proposals submitted to the Board for Public Recreation. 

The purpose of this board is to bridge the gap with support of resources to maintain present facilities and programs, to develop future facilities and programs that provides recreational value for the students and community.

Now Accepting Applications

TCSD #1 Recreation District Board of Trustees is currently seeking to fill a

Volunteer Advisory Board Member Position 



2024 - 2025 Grant Application Timeline  & Meeting Schedule

March 20 by 5:00pm All Applications are due
April 23 at 1:00pm

Advisory Committee Meeting, All Applicants must attend
Review of Applications and Mill Levy Request to Board of Trustees Approved

May 8 at 6:00pm Board of Trustees Consideration of Mill Levy Request
TCSD #1 Recreation District to Award Grants
July 17 @ 6:00pm TCSD #1 Recreation District Annual Budget Hearing
December 11 @ 6:00pm TCSD #1 Recreation District Organizational Meeting



Please limit your grant request to a maximum of $5,000.00. The Board Trustees may consider larger requests for extraordinary circumstances on a case‐by‐case basis. Depending on number of applications, the Recreation District Board reserves the right to adjust the amount as necessary.

Final Report 
If your organization received a grant from a previous year, a final report is required prior to applying for a 2024-2025 grant. Grantees must use this final report form.  

Late applications will be deferred to the next funding cycle except in unusual, unexpected circumstances



About the Board

Current TCSDRD Board Members:

  • William Scarlett, Chairman
  • Kate Mead, Vice Chair
  • Betsy Carlin, Clerk
  • Jennifer Zung, Treasurer
  • Keith Gingery, Trustee
  • Reade Dornan, Trustee
  • Stephan Abrams, Trustee

Current Advisory Board Members:

  • Bill Wotkyns 
  • Thomas Smits

Important Information:

Click here to view agendas and meeting minutes

Questions?  Contact Andrea Dombroski
call (307) 733-2790