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PTSB Credit

Obtaining PTSB Credit


In District Professional Development

Teton County School District 1 offers many opportunities throughout the school year for certified staff to participate in Professional Development and receive PTSB credit, free of charge.  In order to receive credit, participants must do the following:

  1. Log on to the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board website to determine if you need credit.  In most cases, you only need 5 credits in 5 years to renew your license.

  2. After participating in the training you will need to complete the exit ticket. You can find the exit ticket link at the bottom of the agenda. 

  3. Make sure to complete the Exit Ticket based off of the agenda. Put the exact Title that is seen on the agenda.  Put the exact start and end time as listed on agenda, unless you arrive late or leave early. 

  4. NOTE: Exit Tickets are tracked for other reasons, besides PTSB credit.  Not all events that you sign in for meet Wyoming PTSB Guidelines for Professional Development, thus not meritorious of credit.

  5. For more information on completing Exit Tickets click here. 

Out of District Professional Development

  • Conferences or workshops offered outside of TCSD1 may be eligible for PTSB credit.  Participants should contact Wyoming PTSB to find out if the event will qualify and how to obtain credit.   Conferences that advertise to participants that they will receive PTSB credit have (most likely) pre-approved the conference with PTSB and will submit credit directly.  Participants should contact the conference host with questions about how to obtain credit.


TCSD#1 PTSB credit will be uploaded within 2 weeks of the last teacher day.  Credit that is completed in the summer will be represented with the upcoming years credit.