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Teton County School District

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Staff Health & Wellness

Wellness 22: Health and Wellness Programming for TCSD Staff

This site helps TCSD staff stay up to date on all the Wellness 22 offerings and events. The Wellness calendar  shows all of our monthly on-site and virtual  programs. Check out our shared Wellness 22 Library! Here you can find links to recipes, guided meditations, and recordings of our amazing speaker series. We want to support you in achieving your health and wellness goals. If you would like to provide feedback about this program, please contact Heather Kocubinski.

Open Enrollment

HSA/457 matching selections are due June 28. An email has been sent out that includes the matching form. 

Helpful Information About Your Cigna Health Insurance Benefits
Cigna Benefits
Cigna Rx Benefits Guide
Telus Health Benefits
Health Savings Account (HSA) Benefits Guide
Know Before You Go

Wellness 22 End of Year Recognition

Attendance Winner
Jenny Huta - DO
Attended the most on-site Wellness 22 events during this school year!

Wellness 22 Superlative Award Winners
Iron Person Award - This person is DEDICATED to keeping fit and healthy
Jenna Malley - JHHS
Celeste Waller - CES

Biggest Cheerleader - Biggest wellness advocate for your building/district
Heather Kocubinski - DO
Most Mindful - Most likely to be in a sate of zen during the workday
Andrew Tauskey - CES
Couch to 5k - This person worked hard and made big improvements to their health this year
Ralph Greene - Facilities
Walking Web MD - This person is always trying diagnose your ailment
Michelle Sebastian - DO
Super Saver - Most likely to have $80k saved in their HSA by age 65.
Barb Sanchez - JHMS
Jordan Doughtie - JHHS
Julie Lindstrom - JES

Energizer Bunny Award - Knows how to bring the energy level up!
Krista Stevens - CES
Scott McDowell - WES

Biggest Candy Stasher - Best sugar stash in the district
Cecily Martinez - JHHS
Janette Fairbanks - CES
Sharon Schmidt - WES

Star Baker Award - Most likely to bring in a tasty treat
Alivia Bingham - JHMS
Carolyn MacFarland - WES

MVP - This person listens to you vent, helps you make those tough decisions, and is always seeing the rainbows
Heather Schon - DO
Stephanie Capps - WES

Employee Benefits

Telus Health EAP
Telus Health EAP provides employees and dependents with 6 free counseling sessions per issue per year. To access these sessions call 1-800-433-7916 or create your account here. Employees also have access to free legal and financial counseling, discount perks program, and health coaching.

Cigna Health Insurance
Create an account on to find in-network providers and learn more about your insurance benefits.

Calm Mindfulness App
As a TCSD employee you and up to 5 dependents have access to a free premium Calm account. Explore guided meditations and specialized music playlists to help with stress and focus, mindful movement video, relaxing Sleep Stories, Calm for kids, Calm in the Classroom, wisdom-filled masterclasses led by experts, and much more. 

Wellbeats App
Let Wellbeats show you a well-rounded approach to Wellbeing. Wellbeats offers on-demand classes to fuel the body and the mind. Choose from over 1200 videos on exercise, nutrition and meditation for all ages, interests and ability levels. To create an account on your phone or tablet:

  1. Download the Wellbeats app or visit the Wellbeats portal on your desktop. 

  2. Enter your TCSD email address

  3. Enter your temporary password found in the Welcome email sent to you by Wellbeats on June 1.

Wellness 22 Library