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Teton County School District

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Staff PD & Resource Links

TCSD Application & curriculum support Page

On this support page you will find helpful resources and trainings on the various applications and curriculum
‚Äčinitiative‚Äčs that TCSD supports.

No Canvas account sign in required if you are logged into Chrome with your TCSD Google Account!

Classroom Learning Systems
Canvas LMS
Actively Learn 
(For Secondary Teachers Only)


Mileposts Guide
(Guaranteed & Viable Curriculum)
Table Data


Employee Training
ALICE/Navigate360 Crisis Training
Public School Works (PSW)


PTSB Credit
PTSB Exit Ticket


K12ITC/Albert Tech Help Desk 
Phone: (855) 512-8324

 TCSD HELP DESK (1to1 Plus)
(Maintenance, Food Service, Instructional Tech, PowerSchool, TCSD Website)



Finance Office Resources

Intellilink Guide


Employee Access
(Absence Manager)
Skyward Employee Access
(Payroll stubs, W2s, etc)


How to Access TCSD #1 Policies & Forms

1.  Open (District Home Page)
2.  Locate QUICK LINKS on the left
3.  Click on Board Docs - eGovernance link which takes you to Board Docs
4.  Click on the Policies TAB at top of webpage
5.  Scroll down to G-Personnel folder and click
6.  Scroll through files & forms pertaining to TCSD #1 personnel

For EXAMPLE:    GCC-E3(a) or GCC-E3(b)   forms for leaves & absences

R = regulations
E = forms