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Teton County School District

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Student Board Members

Student School Board Members


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The School Board and Administration of Teton County School District #1 desire to make a sincere commitment to encourage and facilitate the active participation of students in the administration of their own education. To this end, the District states the following rationale for providing the opportunity for junior and senior students to become members of the School Board:

  • Youth members and their constituents are the recipients of educational services provided by the District.
  • Youth members have new and different perspectives.
  • Youth members will help to keep the Board focused on student success.
  • Youth members will ask clarifying questions.
  • Youth members will create a direct link from the discussions and decisions made by the Board to the youth of our community.
  • Youth members will involve other young adults in the research and discussions leading to Board decisions.
  • Youth members will advise the Board of the views of their constituency.
  • Youth members will assist with community support for District initiatives.
  • Youth members will learn valuable citizenship and vocational skills for their future.
  • Youth members will add enthusiasm and value to Board work

Learn and Apply

To find out more about the position, download the complete job description here.
Student BOE Job Description

If you are interested in participating in the student school board, please find the application here.
Board School Board Member Application